About Neek Neek (KeeNvision)

By day, I chase ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, politicians and the occasional fluff piece. And, when I’m not on the news desk, I moonlight as a lifestyle blogger chasing my next blog feature.

My blog features stories often untold but are most worthy of attention. Here, I can freely shell out my viewpoint on issues affecting women like me; single. My blog follows the rantings, dilemmas and triumphs of what I see, I feel and I write about the everyday single woman.

Here, I can grab a glass of wine, unwind and allow my thoughts to take me, likely the same thoughts women think about day in and day out.

Follow the stories of an introverted extrovert, people watcher and old soul. Surely, it’ll make you say, “Well, #ibedamned.”

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Twitter: Naturally_Neek
Snapchat: neekoftheweek
Instagram: neek.of.the.week

***The opinions read here do not reflect those of KWBJ TV 22


Neek (KeeNvision)

The opinions read here do not reflect those of KWBJ TV 22.

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  1. Awesome Job Danika…I figured you would not mind a married woman taking a peek. #ibedamned…I didn’t wanna be left out!😍

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