May Week: Bonding with the Sisterhood

Sisterhood: The Tie that Binds us

May Week has kicked off, and I feel like a better woman because of it. It was a humbling experience to have been the guest in a room full of successful, bright and ambitious women. I arrived a bit behind schedule but as I entered the dining room, they all turned to the door and as if on cue, they said,  “Heeeey.” It was as if they had waited just for me. And, I felt right at home; just to be among friendly faces. It was where I needed to be at the end of my long, tedious workday.

May Week is a national program of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. that was created in 1920. A week in May is set aside for programs highlighting academic and professional achievements and the events emphasize the importance of higher education in the community, especially for black women.(San Francisco-Peninsula Alumnae Chapter | Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated)

I walked down an aisle, situated between two rows of dining tables, blowing kisses to new and old familiar faces of my lovely sorors and hugged a few as I walked to the counter to place my order. I had never been a customer of the restaurant, but I could tell it was a homey spot. It was the kinda spot you would take your out-of-town friends who had a hankering for down-home cooking. I observed hot plates galore; homemade seafood and southern soul food meals all prepared by a chef who you could tell knew a thing or two about keeping a roomful of eager and hungry customers happy. The room was a bit steamy and the sizzling sounds from the back grill clashed with the multitude of conversations and laughter going on simultaneously around the room.

Albeit I enjoyed the night and the first of several activities scheduled for May Week, I am disheartened to admit that it’s rare to be around such positive people at one time. It seems that lately I have been thrown one curve ball of negative intention one after the other. Whether it be person or situation, the past few days were not as enjoyable as tonight. But, rather than dwelling on the past, I am pushing forward. I believe this day was the precursor of fun and positive memories to be had. And, I am more than ready to tackle the upcoming week chocked full of more socializing and networking. The agenda includes a signing of a proclamation by a city mayor, donating a small contribution to an area school and conducting phone calls to fellow sorority members that may be ill or disabled.

If you’re a soror, how will you spend May Week? If you’re not a soror, how will you spend the rest of your week?

Pictured with Mayor Rodney Grogan of Patterson, LA

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9 Replies to “May Week: Bonding with the Sisterhood”

  1. When I was in college, I had always wanted to join a sorority but I didn’t have the time because I had two children. I have friends who were in sororities and sometimes I would attend their events with them. I always loved and admired the women in the sororities. As an outsider looking in, I could see they truly were a sisterhood. Your May Week sounds like it was a wonderful time!

  2. Soror, so glad you enjoyed May Week this year. I missed out here in NC. I agree with your sentiments. There is something to be said about going to a place where you are welcomed…and accepted. I pray that you have been experiencing more blessings than curve balls. Take care.

  3. This is pretty cool, Sister Greek! Ironically enough, I decided two weeks ago that I wanted to gather some of my girls together for an impromptu ladies night. It’s going to be in 2 days and I am excited to be with them because we uplift one another and they keep me sharp.

  4. Always a great experience to be around supportive women. It’s unfortunate when I hear that women don’t experience that all the times. natur

  5. Sometimes I wish I had the traditional college experience. I would have loved to have joined a sorority. The sisterhood looks so real. I am glad you enjoyed your time at the event.

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